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The Addiscombe and Shirley Park Residents' Association was formed over 20 years' ago when 120 local people met at Trinity School to oppose the turning of Addiscombe Road into a trunk road by the Department of Transport. The meeting was called by the late and much missed Steve Collins (chairman of the Canning and Clyde Residents' Association and one of the authors of the Books of Addiscombe). Steve White, our first Chairman, recalls him as "a gentle man and someone who really cared for the neighbourhood".       ASPRA Constitution April 2016

Since its foundation, the ASPRA has grown from 70 members to nearly 800 members today - people who still really care for their neighbourhood. We cover 34 roads in the Addiscombe area bounded by Lower Addiscombe, Northampton, Addiscombe and Shirley Roads (plus Shirley Park Road, Glenthorne Avenue and Peabody Close).

The ASPRA is working on the following projects:

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The ASPRA has always been an issues led organisation, from the first successful fight against the Department of Transport, through to today's battles with developers and the Planning Inspectorate. The ASPRA's only aim is to protect the interests of its members in local issues, helping to make the voice of the community heard by local and central government.

Without you there is no Association. To join with your neighbours working to make our community a better place, please click on the Contact Us button.

Local Conservation Area Status
Addiscombe Recreation Ground
Addiscombe Recreation Ground - panoramic view from Carlyle Road
D H Lawrence
Blue Plaque at
12 Colworth Road
11-49 Bingham Road
11-49 Bingham Road
10-16 Bingham Road
10-16 Bingham Road
St Mildred's
St Mildred's

In the Croydon Local Plan 2015 part of Bingham Road has been given Local Conservation Area status.
Addiscombe Recreation Ground is on the list of Historic Parks and Gardens.
Heritage Bingham
The list is avalable on the Croydon.gov.uk website It includes 203-209 & 263 Addiscombe Road and St Mildred's Church Bingham Road.
See also: www.croydon.gov.uk/planningandregeneration/framework/lpevidence/nature
As part of the Croydon Local Plan representations in 2014/15 we asked for a much wider Heritage Area status for the ASPRA area. Unfortunately the response is very disappointing: letter from Mr Dennington 25th Jan 2016
There is a Blue Plaque for DH Lawrence at 12 Colworth Road and for Betty Westgate at 1 Colworth Road.
There is a Blue Plaque for RF Delderfield at 22 Ashburton Avenue.

The Statutory Listed Buildings in Croydon includes Addiscombe Farm (and others nearby: Herons' Croft, Havelock Hall, Lesley Arms Pub, in Canning Road no. 17 and St Mary Magdalene Church, St John's Church Shirley & Shirley Windmill).

Two books available from Canning & Clyde Road Residents' Association tell the History of Addiscombe.

Addiscombe Farm
Addiscombe Farm
203-209 Addiscombe Road
203-209 Addiscombe Road (near our boundary)
263 Addiscombe Road
263 Addiscombe Road

While the above is good news, the ASPRA still needs volunteers to help research and present a proposal to Croydon Council to designate the whole neighbourhood a Local Conservation Area. LCA status will make it more difficult for developers to destroy the integrity of our neighbourhood. Anyone interested in helping us with this major project please "Contact Us" to let us know.

The Association has now been added to the consultee database for the Borough, which will ensure that we receive notification of consultations for planning documents and will take part in workshops.

Planning Information - ASPRA are gathering details by street.

To keep an eye on planning proposals in the neighbourhood click on the following link:
where you can check for up to date information for your street by post code.

Weekly/Monthly lists of Applications and Appeals are listed by Ward (use Ashburton) at:

Another option is: openlylocal.com/councils Look for LB Croydon

Croydon Council offers an online planning service which you can access by clicking on the following link:

Croydon's Local Plan - Strategic Policies

Croydon Council undertook a public consultation in 2009 and have developed the plan for each of the "Places" in Croydon. The Croydon Local Plan - Strategic Policies, (formerly Croydon's Core Strategy) was submitted to the Secretary of State in April 2012 and formal adoption was planned for April 2013.    Inspector's Report   &    Places see page 82 for Addiscombe

In October 2013 a new page was added dealing with the Planning Framework Detailed Planning to 2031

Neighbourhood links

The Association will be reaching out to other Residents' Associations in the area to discuss common issues and problems. If you are a member of a Croydon Residents' Association and would like to talk with us, please Contact Us.

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