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Croydon Destination Parks Project   Have your say about the proposals.

    Consultation meetings open to the public will be held as follows:
  • 25Jun17 Ashburton Park
  • 02Jul17 Park Hill Park
  • 09Jul17 Lloyd Park
The parks being discussed are Norbury Park, South Norwood Lake, Ashburton Park, Park Hill Park, Lloyd Park and Happy Valley.
The project's aims, briefly put, are to investigate measures to help all Croydon's residents access all the potential health & wellbeing benefits (including social, environmental and biodiversity benefits) offered by parks. At the same time, the consultants have been asked to explore how new revenue streams and voluntary sector activity can support sustainable park maintenance in the context of population growth, and diminishing public sector resources in the Borough.
Criteria to be considered and scored
Example of scores
Agenda for workshop 12Jun17
Croydon Council have appointed the following consultants:
Other organisations who contributed to the workshop on 12Jun17 were: GLA, London Wildlife Trust and Groundwork London.

A similar exercise was completed in Newcastle-upon-Tyne during 2016

Review of Parliamentary Boundaries (On Hold May2017)   Have your say about the proposals.

Proposed boundary removes New Addington & Upper Shirley; adds South Croydon

Current Parliamentary boundary.

Note part of Shirley moves to Beckenham for MP.

Review of Ward Boundaries   Have your say about the proposals.
Consultation 27Sep16 to 05Dec16.

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South Eastern Railway Consultation        Network rail have invited comment by 23 May 2017 on their plans for rail services in Kent. For details see: Consultation

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NHS 111 makes it easier for the public to access urgent healthcare services when they need medical help fast. It is free to use and directs people to the right local service first time, or gives health advice that is best able to meet their needs. It supports urgent and emergency care services, ensuring that patients get the right care, first time.
The new contact for out-of-hours service began in April 2017, with a local GP-led hub (8am-8pm 365 days) at the Addiscombe Road Surgery close to East Croydon Staton.
NHS Help Now Leaflet 2017

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Nov16 UPDATE - Five-Ways Junction TFL Consultation       

    Nov 2016 A further consultation is scheduled for spring 2017. TFL Five-Ways Consultation
  • Increase traffic capacity along the A23 and A232 to improve the reliability of journeys while accommodating the predicted increase in traffic
  • Reduce traffic levels on local roads
  • Improve the environment for pedestrians by simplifying crossings, widening footways, improving lighting and removing unnecessary signs
  • Enhance cycling facilities that link with existing cycle routes
  • Widening the A23 where it crosses the railway by Waddon station
  • Widening the western end of Epsom Road
  • Converting Epsom Road to allow two-way traffic

11Nov15 From: TfL Consultations Date: 11 November 2015 at 11:53 Subject: Fiveways Croydon - Response to Consultation

Between 2 February and 15 March 2015, we ran a consultation to find out views on the current situation and on two possible proposals for the Fiveways Croydon scheme.

We received 799 direct responses to the consultation. Of all respondents, 81 per cent supported or partially supported the principle of a road modernisation scheme at Fiveways, 67 per cent agreed or partially agreed with Proposal 1, and 43 per cent agreed or partially agreed with Proposal 2. We would like to thank all those who gave their views.

We intend to publish a preferred proposal by early 2016, with an explanation of the reasons for its selection. We will then discuss the updated proposals with key stakeholders and directly affected property owners ahead of a wider public consultation planned for autumn 2016, once we have undertaken further design and modelling work.

You can find our full response to consultation online at
Yours faithfully, Matthew Moore Consultation Team Transport for London

04Feb15 - Two possible proposals to increase capacity and improve safety on the A23 and A232 at and around the Fiveways junction. For details see: Consultation

As you are hopefully aware, Transport for London (TfL) is currently consulting on two possible proposals to improve the Fiveways junction in Waddon.
Due to a high level of interest in this consultation, we will be holding another public event to give stakeholders and residents an additional opportunity to speak to us about the proposals. This event took place on Thursday 12 March, 4-8pm, at Waddon Leisure Centre, Purley Way, Waddon, Croydon, CR0 4RG
Please visit: to see details of the proposals and have your say. The deadline for comments was Sunday 15 March 2015.

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The David Lean Cinema

The David Lean Cinema in the Croydon Clocktower is now open on Thursdays and some Tuesdays & Saturdays     www.facebook/LeanCampaign

Jan 2018 Poster
Click image to download poster.

Advance Booking Online via our: Film Schedule
Telephone: 0333 666 3366 or Wallace Arnold Worldchoice at 43 George Street. They are on the Clocktower side of George Street, close to Wellesley Road but in the section adjacent to North End. Opening hours are 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4.30pm Saturday.

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Your Croydon       

Published weekly - subscribe for email service
Cultural Quarter
See October 2014 Edition

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The Silver Line    0800 4 70 80 90

A free 24-hour dedicated helpline for older people across the UK has been launched by Esther Rantzen.
The Silver Line aims to combat loneliness in the over-65s by providing friendship, information and advice through calls to trained volunteers.
Chairwoman Ms Rantzen said she hoped the phone line number, 0800 4 70 80 90, would be remembered by all older people when they needed friendship or advice.

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Blue Plaques

The Summer 2013 ASPRA Newsletter contains an article on local Blue Plaques and more details are available in this website. See: local Blue Plaques

  Betty Westgate
1 Colworth Road
  RF Delderfield
22 Ashburton Avenue
12 Colworth Road 1 Colworth Road

  22 Ashburton Avenue

20 Outram Road
12 Colworth Road D H Lawrence   FG Creed 20 Outram Road

July 2013 - Hilary Chelminski writes: It is proposed that a commemorative English Heritage style "Blue Plaque" be erected on the front of the house at 22 Ashburton Avenue, where the famous playwright and author, R.F.Delderfield (1912-1972) lived from 1918 to 1923. His books "The Avenue", which were made into the television series "People Like Us", are based on his experiences in Addiscombe and Shirley Park. More information on Wikipedia

The owners of the house have agreed, and a rough design for the plaque has been drawn up. The cost will be in the region of £200 +VAT. The final design & wording to be established by consultation, hopefully, with members of the ASPRA who will wish to subscribe.

As may be seen by the D.H. Lawrence plaque at 12 Colworth Road, such markers greatly add to, enrich and enhance life in the local built environment, as well as stimulating historic interest and study on a much wider basis.

The idea for this proposal originated with the recent Croydon Heritage Festival, which stimulated my own interest so that research led to the exciting discovery of this close connection with Delderfield, whose play "To Serve Them All My Days" had only recently been on the radio. Conversations with neighbours later revealed a widespread existing knowledge, interest & enthusiasm for the subject.

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The club is open every day, weather permitting from 2.00p.m. There is usually a public rink available for a small fee and all equipment can be provided. If you take part in our open sessions there will be no fee to pay.
Dress is informal for these sessions, there is a dress code for members in inter club matches. There are no age restriction other that children must be at least 10 years old and accompanied by a parent. All equipment can be borrowed whilst you try out this sport. Some players start young, many when they find football and golf becoming too strenuous. Many play on into their eighties and later. There are also 3 indoor clubs in our area so that you can continue throughout the year.
If you have any questions or would like to book an introductory or coaching session please phone
Bob Wright on 020 8654 3211. We are two clubs and have male and female coaches.
The bowling green is behind the petanque court and house as you enter the park from TENTERDEN ROAD, This is the car parking area.

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London Fire Brigade video
View a video produced in partnership with London Fire Brigade and CBNWA highlighting the importance of reporting all potential hazards to the CBNWA manager:
Note: you can report fly tipping direct to Croydon Council : Report-it

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Royal Mail postal services changes have affected our postal area (specifically CR0 and CR7). Most significantly this has involved closing the Royal Mail collection office on Addiscombe Road and relocating to Factory Lane on the Wandle Park Industrial Estate. Smaller changes have included alterations to delivery routes and to postbox collection times.

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East Croydon Railway Consultation        Network rail have invited comment by 13 January 2015 on their plans to add platforms at East Croydon Station and make changes to the track layout and service provsion between London and the South Coast. For details see: Consultation

Culture in Croydon - community feedback survey
"What are your ambitions for culture in Croydon?" This is a question being asked by Croydon Council, with responses invited via an online survey. The Council states that it's "passionate about culture in all of its forms supporting the boroughs regeneration aims." Culture is also referred to as "a key driver of inward investment (to create jobs) and to make Croydon as a borough a really nice place to live and enjoy life."
The survey questions invite you to state your "top priorities for culture in Croydon" and comment on what the council is doing "to ensure that culture is important across the borough." We know that many of you care deeply about the arts and may be eager to participate.
If you would welcome Council support for the David Lean Cinema or an Art Gallery or a repalcement for the Warehouse Theatre etc. this is the time to say so, as for exmple, a fully reopened David Lean with screenings on six or seven days a week will be immensely difficult to achieve via an entirely volunteer-run operation.
Please note that the survey deadline is 31 December:

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