The membership renewal envelope will be included with the Spring 2016 Magazine that will be delivered to all households in our area during May.

You can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or standing order.

The magazine contains a list of local Road Representatives who can collect your membership fee or you can ask us to visit you via the Contact page.

Your membership fee will be due after our April 2016 AGM. As well as recieving our magazine and benefitting from our approach to the council over planning issues, you can also take out membership of a local gym and swimming pool at a reduced rate.

Click the image to download a memberhip form.

Or you can use the subscription form

You can download a details of the Sports Club membership:
membership details & form
Membership Form

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Addiscombe Notice Board

Plans are now in place to erect a Notice Board on the Pavement of Lower Addiscome Road near the junction with Blackhorse Lane. Most of the funding has come from Councillor Andrew Rendle and ASPRA are now seeking formal planning approval. The unit will be double sided and should look like the image below

Notice Board

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20 MPH Zone

01Aug16 - Residents have voted in favour of a 20 MPH zone in Croydon NE and this will come into force in April 2017.
Notice for introduction of 20 MPH zone      Results of Consultation

10Apr16 - A proposal for a 20 MPH Zone in our part of the Borough is now under consultation:
Have your say - 20 MPH proposals
Residents and businesses in the north-east of Croydon are being urged to say if they want new 20mph speed limits on their local roads.
Croydon Council wants to know if enough people from Addiscombe to parts of South Norwood back their local non-main roads becoming the borough’s second 20mph limit area.
The borough’s first 20mph limit area is currently being introduced in the north of Croydon after a majority of respondents backed similar council proposals last year.
From Monday 4 April, the council is launching an online survey and delivering thousands of leaflets about the latest proposals to addresses in Addiscombe, Ashburton, Woodside, Shirley, Heathfield, Fairfield and parts of Selhurst and South Norwood.
Croydon 20 MPH Zone

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The Big Scoop     Addiscombe Recreation Ground   31Aug16
Some dog walkers claim that dog fouling is rife within the park so hopefully the campaign will be beneficial here.
For the weeks up to the campaign, Tara Boswell, Dog Warden, will be visiting the park once or twice a week to see how many incidents of dog fouling are within the park and then we will continue monitoring during the four week campaign period to see if the visual deterrents have made any difference to the number of incidents.
More details

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Bingham Road – Speeding Traffic

Jun2016 - Residents have rejected the proposed extension of the Controlled Parking Zone.

02Feb16 - Controlled Parking Zone -Update at Road Reps meeting:
As Croydon Parking Design Manager David Wakeling had been at the Councillors surgery and had kindly agreed to stay on for the ASPRA meeting.
There was a long discussion about the pros and cons of parking changes and the impact on surrounding roads as restrictions spread. It was generally agreed that the problem of commuter parking was worst nearest the tram stop, that there was holiday parking by some travellers and that the traders in Lower Addiscombe Road had expressed their concerns about staff parking if changes were made.
Fernhurst Road (with a high proportion of dropped kerbs) had been informally surveyed by Terry (Road Rep), with a large majority firmly against any form of parking restrictions being implemented.
The issue of who would be consulted and how was raised, David advised that it was likely that the consultation would ask if residents were in favour of parking restrictions or not, with additional questions if they were in favour to ascertain additional details such as preferred time limits, if a 'middle of day' option would be useful etc. As for the area covered by the consultation, there were differing views as to if an extension of the consultation to surrounding roads should be carried out. Following a vote, a majority of the meeting agreed that the consultation should be restricted to only those roads directly affected.
It was confirmed that areas with dropped kerbs would have yellow lines if controlled parking was implemented, the issue with creating an additional parking requirement elsewhere for cars currently parked across ‘owners’ dropped kerbs was accepted by David as a problem.
Residents permit charges were advised to be (currently): £80 for the 1st, £126 for the 2nd and £305 for the 3rd. This is a permit to park, NOT for a specific place to park. It is highly that this area would be a new parking zone, not an extension to the existing one.
The proposed consultation area would include Bingham Road.
We will include Sherwood Road and the section of Bingham Road (and one side of Lower Addiscombe Road) up to Sherwood Road as requested by ASPRA and the Ward Councillors.
It is proposed to start the consultation by early March 2016 so that the results can be considered at the 26 April Traffic Management Advisory Committee meeting.
See below: Plan showing the proposed boundary as proposed in December 2014.
CPZ proposal

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25Oct15 - The crossing at St Mildred's to Claremont Road is now finished and the old lamp post stump has been removed:
St Mildred    Claremont

04May15 - Councillor Rendle provided the proposals for the road narrowing scheme:
Junctions with Bingham Road at Claremont Road       Parkview Road       Sherwood Road .


Bingham-Parkview"    Bingham-Sherwood"

At the AGM (08Apr15) it was agreed to set up a action group from local Road Reps to work with the Councillors to find a solution.

A site meeting with Councillor Rendell, Mike Barton (Highways), Fred Demay and Bob Sleeman was held on 24th September 2014 in Bingham Road.
The conclusions, while positive, suggest that there will be no action on crossing points and associated road works until at least April 2016. The viable options are:
1. The introduction of 20MPH zones.
2. The extension of the Controlled Parking Zone in Bingham Road, subject to consultation with local residents.
3. The most favoured option is to improve sight lines for drivers and pedestrians.
a) To provide road narrowing on the east side of Claremont Road and outside the main entrance to St Mildred’s church.
b) Road narrowing at Parkview Road on the west side.
c) Increased road narrowing to the west of Sherwood Road.
Full Report of the meeting
Bingham Road Report at AGM 08Apr15      Bingham Road email about CPZ

21 st January 14 - Eddy Arram writes: The problem and cause of the situation in Bingham Road is in the title to this article- speeding traffic. The speed limit for Bingham Road is 30mph, however, far too many drivers feel that they do not need to comply with the legal maximum speed limit and drive in an irresponsible way along this road. The problem is not a new one. It has been around for many years. In the early 1990's SPRA (as it then was) and your ward councillors worked with the then Conservative Croydon Council to try and resolve the problem. Bingham Road was seen as part of a bigger traffic management problem. The Residents’ Association and the Council agreed a 3 stage approach. The first stage was the installation of the one way working for the roads between Bingham Road and Lower Addiscombe Road. On completion of that scheme the Council intended to consult and work with the Residents’ Association to develop and implement the next two stages. The first phase came into being in 1993 and has worked very well. Unfortunately the Council changed administration in 1994 and the then Labour Council, despite many requests by the Residents’ Association and ward Councillors, abandoned and refused to implement the next two stages of the Traffic Management Scheme.

So what is being done? The solution is not one of traffic management schemes but one of enforcement. The Council cannot enforce the speed limits i.e. they cannot fine or award penalty points on driving licences. That is the job of the police. The Police need to undertake ad hoc speed monitoring exercises in line with the resources that they have available.

  • Speed visors: - These are installed along Bingham Road. They flash up the speed of the vehicle if it exceeds the legal limit. This has had some effect but to the driver who could not care less they are ineffectual.
  • Speed monitoring exercise by the police: - Such exercises have been carried out in the past but they are limited to the resources available to the police and clearly cannot be carried out on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Possible introduction of a blanket 20 MPH limit in our part of Croydon.

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Festive Lights 2016

Once again ASPRA have organised the Festive Lights in Lower Addiscombe Road starting about mid November 2016.

ASPRA organised the Festive Lights in the Lower Addiscombe Road Shopping Parade - 24 November 2015
See our Sponsors page for those who have helped sponsor the lights in 2015.

Jumble Trail Sunday 24 April 2016

A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale but on your street.

Communities co-ordinate to set up stalls outside their houses to sell bric-a-brac, toys, books, clothes, handmade arts and crafts, plants, cakes or whatever.

The whole thing is coordinated online at, providing visitors with a colour coded map to explore the treasure on sale in the neighbourhood.

A small charge of £5 was made to have a stall.
We are planning to hold another Jumble Trail in 2017. Details of the Jumble Trail

Poster for Jumble Trail

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Road Rep meetings and AGM      Last updated 06Oct16

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Green Waste

05Apr17 Green Waste bins collection dates are alternate Thursdays from 28 April to November 2017
Garden Waste Collection dates

29Jan16 You can now apply or the new Green Waste bins New Garden Waste Service        FAQ Garden Waste Service

At our meeting 14 September 15 there was some discussion by our Councillors about changes to the collection of recycling boxes and green waste (see report above). At the Neighbourhood Watch conference on 24 October 15 Councillor Stuart Collins (Deputy Leader, Cabinet Member for Clean Green Croydon) said that due to lack of funding the free Green Waste Collection service will cease and it is hoped it will be relaced in 2016 by a chargeable alternate weekly Green Waste Wheelie Bin service. The costs are likely to be £60 per annum for a 240 litre bin or £45 for a 140 litre bin with discounts if you order two 240 litre bins. The service would only be viable if enough residents signed up. A letter is to be sent to all residents probably in November. Letter of 19Nov15 or visit the Council web site.

Steve O'Connell (our GLA member) has set up a petition calling on Ashburton's Councillors to stand up for their residents and vote to keep the service free for any household who wants it. So contact our Councillors and/or sign the petition.

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Ashburton Park - Old Library      28Jan16

Friends of Ashburton Park are very pleased to announce the planting of a fruit orchard in front of the Bowls Club on Sunday morning 21st February from 11 am onwards. 8 trees & various bulbs also. Please come along to dig, plant and support. Tools will be provided & refreshments too. We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

18Oct15    FOAP are holding an open meeting at Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Church, 147 Bingham Road
Addiscombe CR0 7EN, on Tues 27th October at 7.30pm.
There will also be councillors attending to outline their plans for the old library and park and to answer any questions.

New web site for Friends of Ashburton Park

News Update 09Jul14 Former Ashburton Library future in turmoil due to Council bungling.
News Update 01Jul14 Labour decide to let Old Ashburton Library rot!
News Update 08Jul14 Following a long campaign instigated by your Labour team we are pleased to reveal that the planned sale of the Old Library has now been cancelled.
News Update 26Feb14 At the Town Hall 26Feb14, the Corporate Services Committee decided unanimously to recommend that a 125 year lease be offered for the Old Ashburton Library building in Ashburton Park. The need for commercial confidentiality means that much of the detail can not be revealed as yet.

23rd October saw the second meeting of the embryo "Friends of Ashburton Park". It was very well attended & there was an American speaker there, Arnie Graff, who has been successfully involved in a number of "community" projects in the U.S. and was very helpful.

Our previous ward councillors had already been active on this front, see: Ward Blog.
Eddy Arram says "The old library was included in the PFI for Ashburton Learning Village -the same contract let by the Labour Council to Jarvis just before they went belly up. When Jarvis went into administration the new company did not want anything to do with the old library so it was left in the hands of the administrators who were supposed to keep the building in good order. Of course they did not - it would cost too much. So they let it fall down.
At no time did the Labour Administration try to put pressure on the Administrators to do anything with it. When we got back into power we started action to get the Library back into our control. Working with administrators is a long and painful process but we eventually got it back. But what a state it was in. We then tried to see if any community group wanted it. Of course no one did. I then got Oasis to talk to Gavin who got them talking to the Dept of Education with the view of turning it into a 6th form college. But the capital needed to put the place back in order was in the millions.
The site is out to tender. It will cost approx £2m to just to get the building into a safe condition to then carry out proper works. The council does not have any money to put right the mismanagement of this building."

Sarah Jones (Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Croydon Central) said at the first meeting: "There’s much more to be done of course – this was the very beginning. And I won’t say we must keep the politics out of it. Because politics is at the heart of this – like it or not. But it’s good politics, where we all want to get something good done. "

The embryo group are obviously keen to enlist the support of local residents' groups, and there is 6 months to apply for some sort of restraining order over the building being preserved for community use - a 125-year lease is currently being offered for sale by informal tender. It seems there has already been some interest (Council cannot disclose details).
There is some information on the website. The Informal Leasehold Tender expired 9th September 2013.

There was almost unanimous agreement that the Old Library, pavilion & park should be reserved for a restaurant/cafe with various community and group uses around it: activities, sports, gardens etc., perhaps partly commercial for running costs. It was suggested that a petition with, say, 1,000 signatures might sway the Council. In the first instance we think they only need 21 electoral roll residents' signatures for some sort of "stay" (details to come).
Record of first meeting 11Sep13:

On 11th November in response to a Freedom of Information request, the Council said:
There were 25 groups or individuals who requested the information pack for the property.
The Council are currently in active discussion with 4 parties.
Of the 4:
a) None are within Ashburton or Woodside Wards.
b) 3 currently have premises and are active in the London Borough of Croydon
c) 1 located outside the Borough but is within Greater London
d) None are outside of the above.

More details will be added as soon as we have the information.

See also: the history of the park

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09Oct15 - London Tramlink - Dingwall Road Loop extension       
A consultation report including our responses to issues raised is available online.
More details

Tram extension consultation     Sharon Thompson, Trams Director says:
I am writing to ask for your views on our future plans for the proposed route of the Dingwall Road Loop tram extension in East Croydon.
These plans have further developed since the consultation in December last year. Building a new loop will ensure we meet increased customer demand for tram services as a result of the Croydon regeneration project.
For full details and to have your say, please visit
This consultation will run until Sunday 28 June.

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Betty Westgate Plaque Unveiled      Noon      19Oct15

1 Colworth Road On Monday 19th Oct. 2015 the Mayor of Croydon attended the unveiling of the Betty Westgate plaque. 1 Colworth Road unveil 1 Colworth Road Guests

In the picture: Betty’s sons Michael & Graham and his wife, The Mayor, Lyn Simmons and Professor Trevor Powles CBE, a previous Head of Breast Cancer at the Royal Marsden.
Lyn Simmons, Betty’s neighbour for over thirty years, introduced the event and explained her motivation for organising the plaque. A crowd of over fifty people were present to see the unveiling of a blue plaque to commemorate former resident Betty Westgate.
In 1973 Betty Westgate started the Mastectomy Association, running a telephone support line from her back room at
1 Colworth Road, which offered help and information to people affected by breast cancer.
You can read a report of the event. and some more background

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Delderfield Plaque Unveiled      10:00 AM      04Sep14

Plaque now in final place 05Sep14
There was an enormous attendance of just over 100 on Thursday 4th Sept. to see the Mayor of Croydon unveil the Delderfield plaque.

Members of the family, including his Daughter attended and we thank the house owners for their hospitality.

The Mayor unveils the plaque

The Author's Daughter,
The Mayor &
Hilary Chelminski

ASPRA have funded a Blue Plaque to commemorate the distinguished writer and dramatist, R.F. Delderfield (1912-1972), who lived at 22 Ashburton Avenue from 1918 to 1923. He was greatly inspired by his time there, saying "It was Wonderland to me".

Delderfield Plaque
More information

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ASHBURTON has elected three Labour councillors

Ashburton Action Team website

Croydon Advertiser photo.

Labour's Andrew Rendle beat Tory Sylvia MacDonald by just eight votes. Stephen Mann and Maddie Henson took the other two seats.

This is the first time Labour has won any seat in Ashburton in the council's history

Read more at Croydon Advertiser Ashburton Ward Councillors

  • Adams Susan, Liberal Democrats: 216
  • Aston David, Leonard UK Independence Party: 788
  • Ball Robert, UK Independence Party: 779
  • Golberg Bernice, Green Party: 328
  • Henson Maddie, Labour Party: 2,110
  • Kellett Adam, Conservative Party: 1,848
  • King Robert, UK Independence Party: 705
  • MacDonald Sylvia, Conservative Party: 1,908
  • Mann Stephen, Labour Party Candidate: 2,085
  • Rendle Andrew, Labour Party Candidate: 1,916
  • Sciberras Christopher, Anthony Green Party: 261
  • Streeter Gareth, Conservative Party: 1,815
  • Williams Isobel, Green Party: 259

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    AGM papers Wednesday 8 April 2015

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    ASPRA AGM September 2014

      The 25th Annual General Meeting of the Addiscombe and Shirley Park Residents’ Association was held on 3rd September 2014 and the following was agreed:
    • The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
    • The Treasurer’s report and the accounts for the year ending 30 June 2014 were accepted.
    • The Constitution was amended to change the annual membership fee to £4, the accounting year and the date of the AGM.
    The Minutes (to be approved at our next AGM) are available: AGM Minutes 2014

      The new Committee is as follows:
    • Chair - Vacant
    • Vice Chair - Vacant
    • Vice Treasurer - Fred Law
    • Secretary - Jane Fisher (Gill Lee has been co-opted to take over from Jane)
    • Magazine Editor - Liz Brereton
    • Advertising Manager - Bob Sleeman

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    ASPRA AGM 2013

    AGM REPORT by Lee Chester

      The 24th Annual General Meeting of the Addiscombe and Shirley Park Residents’ Association was held on 26 September 2013 and the following was agreed:
    • The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
    • The Treasurer’s report and the accounts for the year ending 30 June 2013 were accepted.
    • The Constitution was amended to include the Magazine Editor and Advertising Manager as members of the Committee.
    • Fred Law was elected as Treasurer and Jane Fisher as Secretary.
    • The subscription fee was renewed and kept at the existing rate of £3 per year.
    • It was agreed to fund a blue plaque at 22 Ashburton Avenue honouring the author R. F. Delderfield.

      The new Committee is as follows:
    • Chair - Hilary Chelminksi (co-opted after the AGM)
    • Vice Chair & Treasurer - Fred Law
    • Secretary - Jane Fisher
    • Magazine Editor - Liz Brereton
    • Advertising Manager - Bob Sleeman

    AGM Agenda 26Sep13             AGM Minutes 12Sep12       AGM Membership at 30Jun13      
    AGM Accounts to 30Jun13       Website Usage Satistics Apr-Sep 2013.

    Ward Councillors Blog
    Ashburton Ward Councillors Blog

    Crime Alerts are now to be found at : Alerts

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    New Street Lighting

    Skanska are replaced the street lights in our neighbourhood.  They will adjust the angle of the new lamps if they are directing light into homes.  You can contact Skanska customer service on 0800 028 5986.

    Request For Information - Calling all local groups

    Our magazine editor, Liz Brereton is aiming to include as many local organisations as she can in future editions of the ASPRA newsletter.  If your group would like a mention or would like to tell our neighbours about what you do, please contact her by emailing

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    Asburton Ward in 1888

    It may be a surprise to you that there was no housing estate east of Ashburton Road in the 1888 map:


    Click map to see a larger area, including the local race course.
    Hilary Chelminski wrote an interesting history of the development of our area.

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