The People

Committee Members

Our Committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting, the most recent one held on 26 April 2016:

Chairman Steve White Email:
Vice Chairman Mary Alexander Email:
Treasurer Frederick Law Email:
Secretary Gill Lee Email:
Acting Magazine Editor Phil Poole Email:
Advertising Manager Bob Sleeman Email:
Membership Secretary Dave Lee Email:
A vote of thanks to our previous Officers for all their dedicated hard work - Magazine Editor: Liz Brereton

Road Representatives

All our road reps are local people who volunteered their time to be the first point of contact for our members:
For details please see out latest Magazine or use our Contact page or contact


Neighbours who have volunteered to help keep things running smoothly:

Webmaster Bob Sleeman Email:
Projects Consultant Hilary Chelminski Email:

You can contact any of our volunteers using the Contact page.


Maddie Henson c/o Town Hall Email:
Twitter : @minsur and @ashburtonlabour
Stephen Mann c/o Town Hall
Twitter : @stephenjmann and @ashburtonlabour
Andrew Rendle c/o Town Hall Email:
Twitter : @andrewrendle and @ashburtonlabour

Clinics - details awaited (30May14).

Member of Parliament and London Assembly

Gavin Barwell 020 8663 8741 Email:
Steve O'Connell 020 7983 4405 Email: Steve.O'